"Dan is concerned that the needs of District 5 residents are being undermined by partisan ideology in the Executive Council. He will bring fresh leadership to move our state forward on important issues like passenger rail, jobs, renewable energy, and access to healthcare for all. Join our conversation on the important issues facing District 5."


I’m running for Executive Council in District 5 where I was raised to put public service ahead of partisan ideology in Concord. As your good-government watchdog charged with approving state spending and appointments, I will work with the Governor to move New Hampshire forward on key issues facing our state:

  • Economic Development: Bring thousands of good jobs and millions in new business spending on commuter rail and broadband; make smart investments in education and opportunity for all. Learn more.

  • Access to Affordable Healthcare: Ensure people battling addiction and families denied access get the care they need before it’s too late; protect critical investments in women's health. Learn more.

  • Clean Energy: Stop the NED natural gas pipeline and bring smart renewable energy to New Hampshire for economic growth and a more sustainable future. Learn more.

  • Good Governance: Increase transparency and accountability in Concord so that every voice is heard, not just wealthy special interests that fund political campaigns. Learn more.

New Leadership in Concord

Dan believes District 5 needs new leadership on the Executive Council with the right experience and a commitment to collaboration to move our state forward. He has worked with past governors, executive councilors, agency heads, and state lawmakers since 2000 to win transparency and campaign reforms, and has advocated for gender equality, public education, opioid prevention, and against the NED pipeline. 

As the campaign begins, Dan is asking citizens of all stripes in District 5 to share their top concerns with him. He is committed to hearing what his constituents have to say and taking all sides into account as he formulates his positions on the important issues. Please take a moment to share your thoughts below or call Dan directly at 603-264-2877. Let's keep the conversation going!

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