Nashua, NH (Nov. 5, 2016)—Yesterday, in front of Nashua’s City Hall, prominent local Republican leaders endorsed Democrat Dan Weeks for Executive Council:

  • Hon. Brian McCarthy, President of the Nashua Board of Alderman;
  • Hon. James Squires, former State Senator;
  • Hon. Tom Stawasz, former State Senator and Executive Council candidate; and
  •  Kevin Sowyrda, former Director of Legislative Affairs and Communications for Revenue under Massachusetts Governor William Weld.

Weeks was also endorsed by Republican leaders who could not attend the event:

  • Hon. Bernie Streeter, former Executive Councilor and Nashua Mayor;
  • Hon. Betty Tamposi, former Assistant Secretary of State under President George H.W. Bush;
  • Dorothy Peterson, former First Lady of New Hampshire;
  • Hon. Richard Dowd, Nashua Alderman;
  • Hon. Ted Leach, former State Representative; and
  • Dan Kelly, local business leader.

Bernie Streeter said, “As someone who served on the Executive Council, I know how important it is to elect leaders who care more about making progress and finding consensus, than advancing a particular political agenda. Partisanship hinders progress, and that's why I'm proud to cross party lines and endorse Dan Weeks. Dan will restore common sense to the Council by making smart investments in renewable energy, and expanding access to health care and affordable drug treatment, and supporting commuter rail.”

"Throughout my life and throughout this campaign, I have met too many Republicans who love their country just as much as I to believe they are the enemy,” said Dan Weeks. “As a government reformer, I was privileged to work with Republican leaders like former Gov. Walter Peterson and former Senators Warren Rudman and Alan Simpson on a cause we all share: stopping big money in politics so the people's voice is heard. Today, I still believe we can find ways to work together on important issues like rail, renewable energy, and affordable healthcare for the common good. I'm honored to earn the support of such respected Republican leaders, and I'm eager to get to work on behalf of all of District 5 – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – after the election."

Brian McCarthy said, “There are some very important issues coming up that will require work in the Council, particularly around things like commuter rail that are very important to southern New Hampshire’s future. Dan will do a great job representing Nashua’s position and getting what we need in order to thrive as a community. So I’m very proud to endorse Dan this morning.”

Tom Stawaz criticized Weeks’ opponent, Executive Councilor David Wheeler, saying, “Dave Wheeler as a colleague sat on my right hand—an entire term we worked together. Since that time, no call backs, not even a response to a note left on his desk. We need a change.”

James Squires said, “I’m supporting Dan because New Hampshire needs to move forward. We need a fresh voice, a young voice, that will look at reality and act after carefully judging all of the issues.”

Kevin Sowyrda said, “Dan Weeks understands the fundamental need for rail for New Hampshire, and yet the incumbent Executive Councilor has been nothing less than mute on this—he’s been like someone on the back of a milk carton, invisible on the issue. I hope everyone will gather with us and vote for Dan on Election Day Tuesday.”