Dear Friends–

I’m running for Executive Council!

Like so many of my fellow citizens, I believe the needs of everyday people have been trumped by private interests on the Executive Council.  New Hampshire needs new leadership to move our state forward on critical issues like rail, renewable energy, access to healthcare, and economic opportunity for all.  It’s time we had a Councilor for District 5 who returned our calls. 

Will you be a founding member of my campaign?

Democracy does not happen on its own.  Since my student days at ConVal High School here in District 5, I have worked with bipartisan leaders like Gov. Walter Peterson, Sen. Warren Rudman, and the legendary Granny D to bring transparency and accountability to government.  I have walked across our state mobilizing thousands of fellow citizens to join the NH Rebellion and implemented cross-partisan reforms.  I have practiced public service in AmeriCorps, South Africa, and classrooms and homeless shelters in our own backyard.  And I have listened to neighbors in need and seen the price they pay when our elected leaders put party ahead of the public interest. 

Now fifteen years after my walk for democracy began, I am running for Executive Council to fight for representative government where every voice is heard.  I can think of no greater honor than to faithfully serve my constituents – 270,000 strong – as a responsible steward of state spending and appointments, and a proponent of 21st-century administration in Concord.  I pledge to put people first.

Will you make a donation to help me launch my campaign?

Yours in Service,

P.S. Join us this Saturday at 10am in Nashua's Railroad Square as we kick-off the campaign with FREE donuts and democracy! After a short program, we'll take to the streets in a community-wide Walk to Stop Heroin – the first official act of service in this campaign. RSVP here.