NH Political Report

March 19, 2016

The primary way may have been cleared for campaign finance reform advocate Dan Weeks, a Nashua Democrat, running for the Executive Council seat that Milford Republican Dave Wheeler now holds.

NH1 News first reported Weeks was getting into the race this weekend after having stepped down as executive director of Open Democracy.

Weeks told the NH Political Report that the other declared Democratic hopeful for the post, former Democratic nominee Jennifer Daler (D-Temple), has decided not to run.

"She’s made it clear she’ll be endorsing me, which I really appreciate, and will be critical to my building a strong organization,’’ Weeks said.

In 2014, the former state legislator Daler won the Democratic primary for this seat in a mild upset by beating a popular Nashua alderwoman before losing to Wheeler.

Thanks to redistricting of council seats in 2011, Wheeler’s Fifth District has become much more Republican than it has been in the past.

But Weeks remains optimistic that strength of the Democratic ticket above him can help pull off what would be a stunning victory for the first-time hopeful.

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