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Dan Weeks announces record small donations and $50,000 raised in first two weeks of Executive Council campaign

NASHUA, NH - Executive Council candidate and veteran political reformer Dan Weeks has raised a record number of individual donations in his bid to unseat incumbent Councilor David Wheeler, collecting over 250 donations and $50,000 in the first two weeks alone. Campaign finance records show that no District 5 candidate since at least the year 2000 has raised more than 270 individual donations during an entire campaign, less than the number raised by Weeks as of April 6, 2016. 

"I am inspired by the outpouring of support from citizens who share my commitment to democracy and my concern that the needs of District 5 residents are not being represented in Concord," Weeks said. "On critical issues facing New Hampshire like commuter rail, renewable energy, and access to life-saving care for neighbors in need, I am concerned that my opponent has put partisan ideology before the public interest." 

Weeks announced his candidacy at a public event and service walk in downtown Nashua on March 19th. He was introduced by Nashua Mayor and one-time Executive Council candidate Jim Donchess and also received endorsements from former Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli, recent Executive Council candidates Jennifer Daler and Diane Sheehan, and Dorothy Peterson, widow of Republican Governor Walter Peterson, among others. 

As a longtime advocate for campaign finance reform, Weeks is adopting a voluntary contribution limit of $1,000 each for the primary and general elections, far below the combined $7,000 limit Executive Council candidates are permitted to raise. Unlike his opponent, Weeks has also refused money from corporate interests and has set out to raise over 1,000 individual small donations. 

"I believe the unprecedented strength of our campaign out of the gate shows that District 5 is ready for a change," Weeks said. "In this year of all years, we need an Executive Councilor who puts people first and who will return constituents' calls. I am committed to putting those principles into practice from day one by reaching out to all sides and running a public service-centered grassroots campaign."

Weeks is running to represent the 33 southern New Hampshire towns and approximately 270,000 people comprising District 5, which stretches from the City of Nashua to the Keene border and includes the town of Temple where he was raised. More than 100 District 5 leaders, including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, have endorsed Weeks' campaign.