Dan Weeks announces historic ballot petition campaign

Executive Council candidate sets out to collect ten-times the required petitions to earn -- not buy -- ballot access

NASHUA, NH - One month before the official candidate filing deadline in New Hampshire, District 5 Executive Council candidate Dan Weeks announced an unprecedented ballot petition campaign to engage at least 500 new and registered voters in the democratic process. Weeks and his supporters will officially launch the #DanOnBallot petition drive on Sunday, May 15th at 12pm at the campaign's 95 W. Pearl St headquarters in downtown Nashua. A series of petition drives are scheduled across District 5 before the June 10th filing deadline.

"I consider it an immense honor to appear on the ballot and be considered by my fellow citizens for the Executive Council," said Dan Weeks, a 12th generation Granite Stater and former Executive Director of the nonpartisan grassroots organization Open Democracy. "I intend to earn, not buy, that honor by collecting at least 500 petitions from voters in every District 5 town--ten times the legal requirement--and hearing the concerns of ordinary people in the process."

Under state law (RSA 655), candidates for Executive Council, New Hampshire's second-highest state office, must qualify to appear on the primary ballot by paying a $25 fee to the Secretary of State or submitting ballot petitions from 50 registered voters in the district. Third-party candidates face far steeper requirements to appear on the general election ballot.

According to the Secretary of State's office, the vast majority of Democratic and Republican candidates qualify by paying the filing fee rather than undertaking the more cumbersome process of collecting ballot petitions. There are no other reported cases of state candidates mounting large-scale primary ballot campaigns when they are permitted to write a check.

"Since my student days at ConVal High School here in District 5, I have made it my mission to educate and engage fellow citizens in the democratic process, especially young and low-income people who feel alienated from politics," Weeks said. "Like the service projects and community conversations we are holding across the district, this petition drive is a chance to 'walk the talk' and build a truly people-powered campaign."

Weeks will launch the #DanOnBallot petition drive this Sunday, May 15th, with a 12pm rally and training session at the campaign's 95 W. Pearl St headquarters. Weeks and his supporters will then fan out across downtown Nashua to collect signatures -- the first in a series of petition drives scheduled across District 5 before the filing deadline on June 10th.

Citizens interested in signing a ballot petition or joining the Weeks campaign's ballot initiative can contact or visit