Weeks makes for a strong candidate

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Letter to the Editor

We are writing in support of Daniel Weeks for Executive Council. Having met and talked with Dan on several occasions, we are very impressed with his intelligence and commitment to democracy for all people. Dan's passion began at a young age, when he volunteered as a high school student to march with Doris "Granny D" Hadlock to promote campaign reform, specifically to take big money out of politics.

After graduating high school, Dan spent a year in Americorps, and went on to Yale and Oxford. For the past several years, Dan has been director of Open Democracy/NH Rebellion, which has continued Granny D's crusade to rein in big money's influence over elections and politics.

One of Dan's prime goals is implementing commuter rail service. This would greatly benefit our state by bringing in more customers to our businesses, and more businesses to employ our citizens. Studies indicate that 5,600 permanent jobs would be created, and $750 million invested in real estate development.

With young people leaving the state at an alarming rate, this would provide jobs needed to encourage them to remain in New Hampshire. Estimates indicate that around 700,000 passengers would ride the rail each year. Think of how this would save wear and tear on our highways and decrease air pollution in New Hampshire.

Although these goals would take some time to achieve, they are extremely important for the future of our state. Seventy-four percent of Granite Staters support bringing in rail service. Let us not be short-sighted, but take steps to insure healthy growth of our economy and our state in the future.

Carol and Karl Stamm