Weeks Calls on Wheeler to Denounce Trump Falsehoods and Fear-Mongering After Applauding Trump's NH Address

June 15, 2016
NH Labor News

Nashua, NH - Executive Council candidate and good government champion Dan Weeks wrote to incumbent Councilor David Wheeler asking him to denounce the fear-mongering and falsehoods on the part of Donald Trump in his Monday night address. Wheeler was the senior-most elected official to attend Trump's New Hampshire event at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, according to WMUR News.

"New Hampshire voters value human decency and responsibility over fear-mongering and falsehoods," Weeks said. "Donald Trump's wanton disregard for the truth and his willingness to discriminate against entire groups of people based on religion or race make him unfit for any office. I call on my opponent to denounce, rather than applaud, the demagoguery and lies of Donald Trump."

According to the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact.com and The Washington Post, Trump made multiple false claims about national security in his Manchester address, including claiming the New York City-born gunman in the Orlando massacre "was born in Afghan;" suggesting that Muslim Americans knowingly harbor terrorists, when no such evidence exists; and claiming that "we're not screening people" when the US has one of the most intensive – if imperfect – multi-step vetting processes that can take up to two years. A PolitiFact review of contested claims by Donald Trump since 2015 finds 60% of his statements to be entirely false and another 16% mostly false.

"Ethical and accountable government starts with leaders tackling tough problems and telling the truth," Weeks said. "If we are to meet our very real security and immigration challenges, we cannot tolerate such un-American scapegoating and falsehoods. As the senior-most elected official attending Trump's New Hampshire address, Mr. Wheeler has a responsibility to his constituents to denounce Trump's irresponsible lies."

Wheeler previously served as a co-chair of the Ted Cruz for President campaign in New Hampshire.