Help Dan Restore Women's Health Priorities to the Executive Council

Dear Friend,

This Wednesday, three Republican men on the Executive Council are expected to block Planned Parenthood funding again based on partisan ideology. My friend Dan Weeks knows that is wrong for women, wrong for families, and wrong for New Hampshire. That's why he is running to take back the Council seat I occupied for 8 years from David Wheeler, a right-wing ideologue, who has voted against many important contracts which help women and children.

Dan understands that women's health and family health are one and the same thing. He knows that Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, check ups, and family planning services for 12,000 low-income women and men each year, thereby reducing abortions and teen pregnancies and saving taxpayer funds. As a Board Member with me of the NH Women's Foundation, Dan has been fighting for women’s health and systemic gender-equity reforms. I'm proud to fight for Dan.

Please help Dan restore women’s health care priorities to the Executive Council by giving $5 or more to his campaign now!

Thank you,

Debora Pignatelli
Former Executive Councilor (District 5)