Weeks the choice for bipartisan leadership

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, July 10, 2016

I met Dan Weeks recently at the start of his remarkable 33-town "handshake tour" of Executive Council District 5. We talked about his campaign for and how the needs of District 5 residents - especially in the key areas of passenger rail, jobs, renewable energy and access to healthcare for all - have been consistently undermined and hamstrung by partisan ideology on the Executive Council.

This is the kind of backward thinking that Dan has been fighting from his earliest days at ConVal to his work with former Gov. Walter Peterson, Sen. Warren Rudman and Granny D to launch Americans for Campaign Reform and leadership with Open Democracy. In an effort to get big money out of politics, Dan and his team walked over 30,000 miles across New Hampshire. For research, he rode a Greyhound bus across 30 states on a poverty budget of $16 per day.

Now Dan wants to bring that bipartisan energy and fresh leadership to the Executive Council, where he will advocate for the interests of the 300,000 people of District 5 and serve as an experienced, responsible watchdog for district taxpayers. His familiarity with complex budgets and contracts at the state and institutional level, his concern with gender equality, public education, opioid treatment and prevention all make Dan a superb candidate for Executive Council.

I urge voters to seize this opportunity to bring intelligent, bipartisan leadership to this important post by voting for Dan Weeks for Executive Council.

George Duncan