An Invitation to Councilor David Wheeler to Debate

by NH Labor News

NASHUA, NH - On Wednesday, August 3rd, Open Democracy advocate and Executive Council candidate Dan Weeks challenged his opponent to a series of five debates on the major issues facing New Hampshire. Weeks, the Democratic candidate for NH Executive Council in District 5, issued his invitation to his opponent, Republican incumbent Councilor David Wheeler, at the Executive Council meeting in Nashua in the form of a letter. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Councilor Wheeler,

Thank you for serving on the Executive Council. I hereby invite you to work with me on arranging for a series of debates between us to take place before Election Day, November 8th, 2016. As the presumptive nominees of our respective political parties for Executive Council in District 5, I believe we have a responsibility to provide direct and substantive access to our positions on the issues to voters through debates and other means.

I propose the following for your consideration:

  • We commit to participate in at least five (5) debates across District 5, in order to allow voters in every region to attend, pose questions, and hear us discuss the issues
  • We together compile a list of non-partisan civic and media organizations to act as impartial hosts and assist in moderation of the debates
  • We together establish the format that will ensure a thorough discussion of the issues, for the benefit of the voters, to include:
    • Opening and closing remarks by both of us
    • Questions from the moderator(s) for both of us to answer, as well as questions from the public at the discretion of moderator(s)
    • Providing time for both of us to respond to each other’s answers
    • Providing time where we may ask questions of one another, with time to respond to each other’s answers

I trust that you share my belief that the voters of District 5 deserve ample access to us and our positions in order to make an informed choice in this election. With Election Day less than 100 days away, time is of the essence and I eagerly await your timely response so that we may begin planning the debates together.

Yours in service, 

Dan Weeks