Weeks calls on GOP leaders to denounce Trump

NASHUA, NH - Dan Weeks, the former Executive Director of Open Democracy and leader of NH Rebellion, is calling on concerned citizens of all stripes to peacefully protest Donald Trump's upcoming New Hampshire event and urging other NH leaders to join in denouncing the Republican nominee. Trump is scheduled to address supporters at Windham High School this Saturday at 8pm; the protest will begin at 6:30pm outside the school. 

Donald Trump has come under increased fire from veterans organizations and national Republican leaders in recent days since his open feud with Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan after the Democratic National Convention. The Republican standard-bearer continues to stand by his calls for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, statements condemning women and people of color, and his Constitutionally-suspect proposal to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. He has also drawn high-profile public support from white supremacist leaders. 

"This isn't just about the principles of a democratic and inclusive society -- it's also personal," Weeks said. "Although my ancestors came to America long before Donald Trump's, my wife emigrated from South Africa and our American-born children are considered black. I owe it to them to help ensure that the country and state I love welcome, rather than demonize, diversity. It's good for society, good for our economy, and it's the right thing to do."

Weeks, a candidate for Executive Council in District 5 nearby Windham, also renewed his call on his opponent, incumbent Councilor David Wheeler, to denounce Donald Trump after Wheeler was the senior-most New Hampshire Republican  to attend Trump's last event in state. Wheeler has not responded to the call, nor a recent call from Weeks to engage in public debates.

"Although I am a Democrat personally engaged in a partisan election, I applaud the many Republicans who have already stood to their nominee's divisive and hate-filled rhetoric," Weeks concluded. "The Republican party into which I was born, the party of Lincoln, would never tolerate a person with such views and temperament in the White House, and nor should my opponent. It's not the New Hampshire way."

The peaceful protest is open to the public and will start at 6:30pm outside the Trump rally at Windham High School, 64 London Bridge Rd in Windham, NH.