Dan's Statement on Receiving the Democratic Nomination for Executive Council

I am deeply honored to officially receive the Democratic nomination for Executive Council in New Hampshire’s Fifth District. 

The past few months have been an incredible and humbling adventure. We began this campaign in the spring by filing for office the grassroots way with hundreds of petitions from ordinary citizens in all 33 towns – a first for New Hampshire. We continued over the summer with handshake tours, ice cream tours, parades, fairs, house parties, and service projects in every corner of the District 5. And we have kept the focus on citizens not special interests, engaging hundreds of volunteers and raising over 1,000 small donations.

Our message is one of empowering the everyday citizens in our political system, instead of those with the deepest pockets. It is one of taking care of our most vulnerable neighbors by fighting to continue the Medicaid expansion which serves over 50,000 Granite Staters. It is a message that we respect women and families, and their rights to affordable and accessible healthcare through continued funding of Planned Parenthood.

And it is a message that we must bring New Hampshire into the 21st century through broadband and clean energy projects that are good for our economy and our environment. Projects like commuter rail, the greatest economic opportunity for New Hampshire in a generation, which will bring over 5,600 new permanent jobs and millions in outside investment to our state. And projects like moving to a 100% renewable energy smart grid, complete with expanded broadband access, which will bring even more good-paying jobs, while protecting our precious natural resources.

I have been honored to receive support from such outstanding individuals as Nashua’s Mayor Jim Donchess, Former Executive Councilors Debora Pignatelli and Bernie Streeter, former NH First Lady Dorothy Peterson, and former Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court John Broderick. Our campaign has also been endorsed by groups like the American Federation of Teachers - NH, the State Employees Association, and many other labor and grassroots organizations. The list of supporters grows each day. 

In the 55 days remaining until the general election, we will draw stark contrasts with our opponent, whose message could not be more different from our own. Although I respect Councilor Wheeler’s long tenure in state politics, I believe his record is one of misguided allegiance to the values of the Koch brothers, not Granite State values. Values that pledge to block the Medicaid expansion, to prevent funding for Planned Parenthood, to deny the stark reality of climate science, and to stand in the way of the progress on expanding opportunity for every New Hampshire child. 

Staying true to my proven record and background of good governance, I have worked tirelessly to engage my opponent in a series of public debates so these issues can be addressed for the benefit of the voters. My opponent has steadfastly ignored my requests. Unfortunately, his refusal to engage with me is in line with his long history of ignoring his constituents and individuals who hold views that may differ from his own ideology. 

New Hampshire and the Fifth District deserve to be represented on the Executive Council by someone who shares their values and aspirations, someone who will listen to their needs and will return their calls. I promise to work my heart out to earn the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all across District 5, and to faithfully represent your needs and interests on the Executive Council.