New Hampshire lawmakers have introduced more than a dozen bills that would make registering to vote more difficult for citizens in New Hampshire. With NH's top election official recently affirming that there is "no evidence of widespread voter fraud" in the state, these partisan proposals appear to be little more than one party's attempt to suppress the vote among people who don't agree with them. Rollbacks and restrictions are not the answer.

To strengthen our democracy and attract a vibrant workforce, we must encourage civic engagement among all people – lifelong Granite Staters and recent residents alike. Here are three things you can do right now to defend #NHVotingRights:

1. Write a Letter to the Editor about the importance of voting rights

2. Spread the word on social media in defense of voting rights using hashtags #NHVotingRights #HandsOffMyBallot #NHPolitics

3. Contact your representatives and the following key members of the Election Law Committee and ask them to oppose all measures that restrict voter access, especially the three bills listed below. 

SB 106 

  • Creates a 13 day wait period for registering to vote. 
  • Makes it more confusing to determine who is eligible to vote.
  • Makes registration more difficult and cumbersome for voters and local election officials

HB 372

  • Changes definition of domicile for voting to equate to residency for motor vehicles
  • Automatically triggers new voters to register their cars and get a NH license within 10 days
  • Has a chilling and intimidation effect on students and new workers and military personnel

 HB 588

  • Create provisional “placebo” ballots that will not be counted until a photo ID is presented
  • Requires a mandatory government issued photo ID in order to vote
  • Will change election outcomes as most provisional ballots won’t be counted.