Climate change is, unfortunately, a reality. Fully 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is happening – and quickly – as a result of human activity like burning fossil fuels. Denying climate science is like ignoring the advice of every qualified doctor when we get sick. We risk our health, our financial well-being, and our future if we do not act fast. 

Dan's opponent has taken the Koch brothers' pledge and joined their climate science denialism, blocking New Hampshire cities from implementing cost-saving solar projects at no taxpayer expense. A recent study estimates that climate change will cost the millennial generation $126,000 per person, or $8.8 trillion total, even as fossil fuel contributors like the Kochs spend millions funding Republican campaigns and lobbying against common sense environmental policies. 

Unlike his opponent, Dan will work with concerned citizens, environmentalists, and the business and scientific community to proactively build a clean energy future including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and conservation incentives. Not only will these projects help us respond to catastrophic climate change – they will also be a vital source of good green jobs to grow our economy for the benefit of all.